Reg storing response on welcome message

I am using welcome message to display a message along with language selection option instead of doing it in conversational flow. Is there a way to store that language selection response in a variable? Is there a way to store them for that session.

Yes you can use the question node or the store comment node and then store the user response in the DB.

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I didn’t find either question node or store comment node in welcome message. Could you please help with this.

First, create a separate journey in a bot and execute the flow from here and in that journey use question node or store comment.

thanks for the response. you are asking me to create a conversational flow where i can create question node or store comment node, but if i want to store response on welcome message i didn’t find the option what you mentioned.

Instead of using a text node in the Home button, directly triggering a flow for the welcome message will resolve your issue.

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yes, this works. thank you. I didn’t find this option bef.