Remove User's Button Response in chat

Is it possible to not show the user’s button selection from the list/QRs in the bot chat >> but rather show the result of the button selected directly?


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Namaste @Shrestha_Ganguly
That won’t be possible. Every message exchanged between bot, users, and agents need to be tracked/recorded so that users are aware of the message sent/selection made.

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@Shrestha_Ganguly This is not because of technical implications but the following:

1. Providing feedback: When a user selects an option/sends a message, they expect feedback in response. By displaying the messages, users will know their message has been received

2. Transparency: When a user message is displayed, it builds a trust factor between user and chatbot

3. Clarification: At times bot may not understand the context of the user message. Displaying the message in such instances will be essential


Thanks @akshay_bhat will relay this to the client