Unwanted text is displaying on the chat

On typing random button as shown in the figure it is displaying some message which is not a part of the flow.

Why the message is shown and how can we fix it.

hi @Shiva_Singhal , Go to : Train → Tools → CONVERSATION

In CONVERSATION under ‘Step validation settings’ change under ‘Unknown message’

I hope this will help

@Mridul_Mishra, in the setting (Unknown Message) you mentioned there is no such text which is displayed in the screenshot above.

Hi @Shiva_Singhal, If the suggestions are enabled in your BOT, Goto Builds-> Conversation Settings-> Suggestion.

@Mridul_Mishra ,

Suggestion is already configured. Do i need to change anything in this?

So This message is getting displayed if the Bot is not able to understand anything or if all the variable values are clear (after a particular time). If you want to add any other message you can add here.
You can also disable this.