Session Timeout Limit

Hey, how long does a session last for in a web bot? Is it 30 minutes?

Hi @Mayank_Negi yes it is 30 minutes

How much is it for whats app bot and Instagram bot?

As per latest product update,

  • Sessions are now of 24 hours, instead of 30 mins. One single session can be any number of interactions the user has in a 24-hours window from the start of the session. A new session is started after 24 hours.

  • Reason - To show a more accurate number for Sessions and bring consistency with other channels (like WhatsApp)

  • Timeline - This is live since Sept 1, 2022

  • Session duration is now calculated based on time taken for each user response, until 30 minutes of inactivity. If there is a 30 mins gap between 2 user responses, then that user response time will be reset to 0. The sum of all user response time in a given session makes up for its total session duration.

  • Reason - Better accuracy in metric calculation

  • Timeline - This change is live from Oct 13. Older date range will still have previous calculations applied.

@gauthamm Dude can you confirm this, although im sure this is the latest as per product.


@Mayank_Negi the session duration shared by @Subhrajit_Gupta is the latest update we have.