What is the session timeout for every channel?

What is the expected session timeout for every channel?
Like Websites, WhatsApp, Facebook, GBM, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, IVR, etc

We need the session timeout for every channel-wise. Please help us with the details.

  • Sessions are of 24 hours, instead of 30 mins. One single session can be any number of interactions the user has in a 24-hours window from the start of the session. A new session is started after 24 hours.

  • Reason - To show a more accurate number for Sessions and bring consistency with other channels (like WhatsApp)

  • Timeline - This is live since Sept 1, 2022

  • Session duration is now calculated based on time taken for each user response, until 30 minutes of inactivity. If there is a 30 mins gap between 2 user responses, then that user response time will be reset to 0. The sum of all user response time in a given session makes up for its total session duration.

  • Reason - Better accuracy in metric calculation

  • Timeline - This change is live from Oct 13. Older date range will still have previous calculations applied.

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@Subhrajit_Gupta - Is this 24hr for all the channels we are having on the YM Platform, please confirm once.

Hey @Nitesh_Ranjan yes for FB and Telegram is 24 hrs , not sure for other channels.

@Nitesh_Ranjan For Instagram channel, it is 7 days.