Superimposing images/text captured during bot flow

Is the below possible? Use Case- Sharing personalised messages with others on a WhatsApp chatbot.

Scenario 1: User clicks a high angle selfie using his WhatsApp camera, bot superimposes user’s image with a template image(First crush, first love, etc.) selected previously by the user. The templates will be shared by client.

Scenario 2: User enters their name and name of the user whom they want to send this template to and bot appends the name of the user onto the image and sends it to the desired person(WhatsApp no. is being captured in flow)

Doubt if usecase 1 is possible.

For usecase 2, it can be possible via dynamic images. (You will need HTML template of the image from the customer) and then the same I believe can be sent via the outbound notification node. (You will have to whitelist the template. Note: only image as a template cannot be whitelisted. Some text is needed)

Can’t we leverage dynamic images for scenario 1 as well? The selfie could be embedded in the block for selfie in the original HTML template of the image.
If not, any workarounds?

May be I did not understand the first scenario properly.

But from what you are saying, I don’t think it would look like the sample image you want.
There would be resizing also that you will have to do for this happen.
Little bit of R&D would be required on this. But to my superficial knowledge, with dynamic image, you won’t be able to create exactly that kind of image.

As a workaround check if there are any API that helps does this smoothly. If yes, customer can help pay for the same for the time being (I am assuming this is a limited period campaign)

Hmm thanks for the input Dimple. Agree on the resizing and aspect ratio issues. Will check if we can have a 3rd party API for the same.