Convert specific conversation in WhatsApp BOT to Image or PDF

Hi Team, we have usecase from client with the details below:

  1. Customer make order from WhatsApp BOT.
  2. BOT will return summary order and ask confirmation from customer.
  3. Then Customer will confirm the order.

Can we convert those specific conversation text to image or PDF and send it to API? PFA Screenshot for reference

As in, you would like the bot to take a screenshot of the conversation and then send that to some other database?

seems far outside the scope of a chatbot (especially considering it’s deployed on another channel)

@gautham Is there any other workaround to achieve this?

CC @beny_pangestu_m @Achmad_Raditya @dedymulyadi

no workarounds that I’m aware of.

Please do share if you’re able to come up with some

Hey @Muh_Ardwika not sure that it is achievable or not but you can share the chat Transcript url to the client. That will also help the client to understand the whole chat of the user.