Unable to send json data from yellow api to webhook

How to send JSON body from yellow API to targeted webhook

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Hey @sahadev10, are you referring to the API Management module of the yellow.ai platform here?

Yes, i refered but they do not provide any solution.

Got it! You can refer to this doc for more info: API Management | yellow.ai

Let me know if you need any more help to resolve this issue.

That API management is about journeys in a flow. It is not provide any solution from json body to the webhook.

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@sahadev10 can we get on a call to discuss this further?
You can schedule an office hour call with me using this link: Calendly - Pratik Parmar

Hey @sahadev10

I’ve raised a JIRA ticket internally to resolve this issue. Currently, we’re not able to trigger the webhook you shared with us earlier. Can you please share the updated webhook along with the access to the webhook platform to ensure it’s working fine?


Hi Pratik,
bot is not working. can you please provide solution to below attachment.

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Hey @sahadev10
Can you please try using the bot in a different tab by clicking on the new tab icon?

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Hi Prathik

its not working when i open in new tab. no responce from the bot.
how to connect the bot to the flow.can you help me in that

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Sure, can you please share bot access with me at pratik@yellow.ai?

Is this access to the bot? or else guide me how to share the access for the bot


    1. Login to https://cloud.yellow.ai/ using your credentials
    1. Top right you can see the option “Access controls”, click on it
    1. Click “+ Invite User” button
    1. Add the email, select required access and submit.
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Hi Pratik
I am inviting you as adimn in my yellow.ai environment.
please check it and guide me