What does the metric business-initiated-conv in User engagement Table mean

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What does the metric business-initiated-conv in User engagement Table mean. PFA

I believe these are majorly notifications that the business initiates to the end user. (24hrs after the first notification is not charged)

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Conversations are of 2 types

  • Business Initiated: Generally a business would run some sort of outbound campaign/notification to start the conversation.
  • User initiated: Generally, the user messages the business through the respective channel.

Hi @gautham and @Dimple_Mehta

Thanks for the info. But im able to see two Business Initiated Messages in the user engagement events. One is Just Business Intiated message and another Business intiated Conv

@Dimple_Mehta Here - business-initiated-conv is an event triggered from WA side. This number can be faulty sometimes.

While business-initiated is an internal event we push for every business initiated message on WA. Refer to this metric.


Hey @Sanskrity Just out of curiosity, is business-initiated-conv the same count/metric that is reflected in the Meta dashboard as Business-initiated conversations in the last 24 hours?

If yes, won’t there be a reconciliation issue if the number in Meta and our dashboard won’t match?

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@Dimple_Mehta The numbers on Meta dashboard will be the correct ones. Which we show on our Metric page as well. Please refer to that on the Platform.

Insights > Metrics > Filter for WA channel > Whatsapp consumption