WhatsApp payment - how to configure

Recently we were given a demo about WhatsApp payment. I am trying to configure it and dont see anything. Can anyone guide how to configure WhatsApp payment?

Hi @Vamshika_Boinapally

At the time of writing this Whatsapp Pay is not possible on cloud.yellow.ai
This is only possible on app.yellow.ai which is an older platform we use internally for building bots.

However, you can handle payment via payment gateways like Razorpay/CamsPay/PayU/Paytm and many more on cloud.yellow.ai.

Once any of the above integrations have been set up, you can generate payment links which the user can click on Whatsapp which will take them to a payment page — perform the payment.

After which we’ll send a payment status event which you can parse to resume the bot flow based on success/failure