Quick reply event contextualisation around a WhatsApp notification

This is a slightly far out idea but important for us to understand given the context constraints that Outbound WhatsApp notifications come with.

Firstly, on the yellow platform there is this quick_reply_event where a particular quick reply string is accessed via {{data.event.data}} based on which certain messages/journeys can be triggered in response to an Outbound WhatsApp notification.

Secondly, each WhatsApp notification when triggered by the yellow api returns a msgId whether or not a message was delivered. Something like “Oh4-ismNrbxE0XNwZNfZO”.

Is it possible to capture this msgId back (Oh4-ismNrbxE0XNwZNfZO) as a string when a quick_reply_event is triggered? The idea here is for us to allow some contextualisations on our backend for customers who have >1 similar items in their account where a msgId can then be used to map to the index of a particular item.

To illustrate my point:
A whatsapp notification is sent with a CTA saying “Hello” with a msgId of 123abc.

123abc is mapped to a string called Apple on our backend.

User clicks on the Hello quick reply cta triggering a quick_reply_event message which returns a message “hey there” and triggers an endpoint which sends back the message id 123abc to our servers giving us context that the quick reply cta has been clicked by the user in the context of this Apple item.

Is this possible @Pratik and team?

Hi Pranav

For providing context around the CTA clicked
You can add a payload to the quick-reply and then track that payload value once the click has happened. That way you’re reducing overhead in mapping the msg-ID to a string as well. This is a sample code on how to add the payload to your quick_reply.

    "userDetails": {
        "number": "918888888888"
    "notification": {
        "type": "whatsapp",
        "sender": "919999999999",
        "templateId": "sample_issue_resolution",
            "media" : {
            "quickReplies": [{
                "type": "quick_reply",
                "value":"payload 1"
            }, {
                "type": "quick_reply",
                "value":"payload 2"

I’ll update how to call the data in this reply as well soon :wink: