Bot CSAT - inside User feedback widget

In the insights module we have a section for User feedback which comprises of data from both bot + agent feedback.

Agent feedback can be enabled via the CSAT option from Inbox Settings

What do we need to configure inside the bot flow in order for the bot CSAT to flow into this widget

You can try manually creating a bot flow. Assuming your channel is whatsapp, follow these steps

Step 1: Create a Feedback Flow

Simple whatsapp list node presenting options from 1 - 5. Store the response in a variable.

Step 2: Create a Database and send this data into the DB in the bot flow

Step 3: Call this feedback flow and the end of your use-case/bot flow using an Execute Flow node

Step 4: Go over to Insights → Data Explorer → Custom Tables → Select Feedback table

Step 5: Create a dashboard and track this single dashboard for the rest of your life :smile: . All the data will be updated dynamically as and when a new datapoint is added.

Thanks @Ojas_Maheshwary