Custom Dashboard Build

Client has the below requirement

There are 3 categories of flow a user can enter in the bot. Analytics needed

  1. Total Chats in each flow
  2. Satisfaction score
  3. Number of Chats answered by Bot
  4. Number of Chats transferred to Live Advisor
  5. Chat dropped
  6. Dropped at which stage
  7. Query type


1. User Journey Visualizer
2 & 7. You can simply collect this score and insert into a database
3 & 4. Chats answer by bot and Deflection Rate
5 & 6. What do you define as a drop. Is it step/flow specific? Step level drop is present in User Journey Visualizer

@gautham for points 3 and 4 how can we drill it down basis the category?
Insights module gives the data at an overall bot level

You can find it under Insights > Overview > Messages.
Reference: Insights overview |


@Architha_J This gives an overall count. How can we segregate basis different journeys?
In the case here, there are 3 different categories an end user can enter. And for all these 3 categories there are bot responses and live agent transfers. How can we find out the number of bot sessions and agent sessions for each of these categories?

@Rijo_Jacob You can refer to funnels.
@Sanskrity please comment.

@Rijo_Jacob This will require some level of analysis on User engagement events table in Data Explorer based on journey, event, and eventInfo filters.