[Analytics] - Configuring distinct # of clicks per category and user

Customer has the below requirement.

This essentially enlists that per parent category (ex: Flights), and per sub category (ex: book a flight, check flight status, Web check-in etc), they would want to understand that how many users visited that particular sub category.
From that, they would further want to know how many distinct sessions/users have visited the sub category.
Further to that, we have a QR option named I’m done and Need more help. They would want to know how many times I am done was clicked for that sub category and how many distinct users clicked on I am done.

From this, we were able to configure the distinct users, total number of times I am done and total number of need more help was clicked. However, we are not sure how we can have the distinct number of users who clicked on I am done and Need more help.

All these are to be configured under single dashboard as mentioned in the ss above.

Note: This bot is on app platform and we are leveraging data explorer for the same.

We seek urgent input on this as we are to give inputs to customer analytics team on the same.

@Dimple_Mehta You can derive Category, Journey and Step level analytics from the User engagement events table in Data Explorer. For QR node level clicks, you’ll have to use analytics node (or app.analytics.increment function in app.ym) to capture such custom events.

To get distinct number of users, summarize the dataset by ‘Number of distinct values of’ —> UID.

You can add all reports to a Dashboard for a single dashboard view.

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Thanks for the response, Sanskrity.

Is it possible for us to get on a quick 15 mins call to discuss this further?
Appreciate your help on this.

Sure. Let’s coordinate further on slack.