Doubt with respect to Quick Reply

Hey, in case of quick replies, if the user firstly chooses one option but then again chooses some other option it goes to fallback value , but can the reply mapped to that option come instead of the fallback value?

Hi @Riya_Taneja ,
Can you please elaborate with an example and screenshot?
Didn’t understand what you said…

Hi @Riya_Taneja quick replies are worked as single input prompt.

In this case, when the person chooses the second option , it goes back to default fallback, i want to ask if it can redirect to the output which we have set up for that quick reply.

Hi @Riya_Taneja Quick reply don’t work in this manner. Because you can only select one button from the quick reply at a time. After selecting the button you going to next step and because of this you cannot trigger a different message from the same quick reply.

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