Testing Bot with inbox - FAIL

Hi guys!

Im new on Yellow.ai.

I have created my first bot using one template: Chat with an agent Kick-starter Template
My user has this roles: Inbox Agent, Super Admin

But everytime i try to raise a ticket, it returns error.

Im on development mode and available in inbox to received the chat/ticket but nothing happens there.
The configuration seems to be all ok, in the flow and in inbox.

Any sugestions/help?

Thks, Tomás

To avoid this, you can duplicate the tab. On one tab keep the inbox module open, where your status is marked available. And test on the other page.

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Hi @R_Tomas ,

Please check for events in the logs that are coming
Ex: ticket-assigned, no-agents-online, ticket-closed and configure messages accordingly.
Make all inbox events enabled in this process.
Also, make yourself available as an agent and check events in the logs, including busy and away state.
For each case check the events coming and configure a message against that event.
Ex for log message: event “ticket-missed” not configured, you have to one-by-one enable events with messages.
Keep yourself available as agent in separate tab.

Thank You!

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Thks for your help!

Im testing in two separated browser windows. I have already enable the events for inbox, but after check, there is nothing there that sugest a specific error.

Could be something related to the subscription?

Please check in the logs what messages you’re getting in the studio module.
There might be an event that is not configured properly.
Also, check if you’re available as an agent from the top right, and then travel to chats while you raise a ticket.

Subhrajit, you are talking about these logs, right?

Hey @R_Tomas not these logs ,Go to studio and then go to function section and then see the logs over there.

Thks Jayesh!

Debug on this please!

hey @R_Tomas can you share the bot access to jayesh.rana@yellow.ai
It will not possible for me to debug this from the screenshot.

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Invite sent Jayesh!

Thks for your help!

Hey @R_Tomas your issue is resolved now.

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