Event for ticket created and directly assigned

Is there any trigger event when the ticket is created and directly assigned to an agent?
it seems I cannot find any ticket-assigned event for this use case. I checked using cloud bot.

I need this event to insert the ticket data directly to the database when the ticket is created, because we need the real time ticket data to be recorded in the database

Please enable all the events in the event hub for inbox.
Then debug one by one once the events come in the logs.

I already did that @Subhrajit_Gupta

Please check once the event comes back by logging


If a ticket gets assigned, the event will come if it’s enabled.
Please surf through the logs serially to check what is happening after you re raising your ticket

yes, that is what I did @Subhrajit_Gupta but I cannot found the ticket-created event and also ticket-missed event after I mark the ticket as missed

@Hasan_Nabil We don’t have an event for ticket created. But we do have one for ticket missed. Can you create a JIRA ticket for us to debug this particular behaviour?