Formatting value captured from database

Hello Pratik,

In one of my flow, I am searching service order reference and on successful search my intention is to show servicing date to user.

When executing command {{{variables.db_response.records.0.column_name}}}

I am receiving my response as below.

{"value":{"timestamp":"Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:08:58 GMT","year":2022,"month":6,"date":23,"day":"Thursday","hour":12,"minute":8},"range":{"exists":false}}

How can I format this value in proper date structure to show in chat.

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Sure @Murtuza_Jeeranwala!

You can use this syntax: {{{}}}/{{{variables.db_response.records.0.column_name.value.month}}}/{{{variables.db_response.records.0.column_name.value.year}}}