Handling attachments in Google Chat

Hi team,
We were able to handle attachments in the web bot.
When I tried to get images and files in Google Chat, I wasn’t able to get any events in the logs for my attempts. How do I handle this?

Team need help with this please

Hi Rakesh,
Thanks for raising your query.

As of G-chat channel is concerned , we currently support only text message type. Other rich message types such as images and files are not supported by us for G-chat at this point.


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Hi Vishnu,

Thank you for letting us know. We would also like to know if there is any development going on to accept media/ files as input on G-chat channel and if yes then by when will this feature be ready?


Hi Shekhar,
Unfortunately , there is no active development going on for enabling this feature and has not been prioritised yet. Based on the overall demand for this feature, we may put this into consideration for the next product quarter.