How to Auto Close Bot When Session is Killed

in a client’s use case, login and non login user is able to access our bot. for login user, client’s website passes ymAuthenticationToken so messages history can be seen by the customer. but there is a problem when user still opening the chatroom and leave the website and came back after 1 hour.

in the client’s website session login is klilled. but there is a problem user still able to chat with bot since bot is not closed yet, it refer to the logged in user before.

question : how can we auto close the chatroom if session is killed?

cc @surbhi265 @sudhirmeeena512 @Ahashkumar_Ayyappan


Please don’t mention the client’s name as we have to respect the client’s privacy in terms of their bot/use-case on a public forum. I’ve edited the same out of the post on your behalf.

If this was a bug/issue instead — you can mention the clients name on internal tickets and so on.

this is question only, How to Auto Close Bot When Session is Killed