Auto-close Chat Tickets

Is there a possibility that a chat ticket that is being handled by a live agent. Is auto closed after a fixed time ? The agent should not have to manually close the ticket.
The usecase is for a Mental health counseling company so they want to have 30 mins chat session with counselor (30 mins live chat) so they want a chat ticket close after 30 mins.

Hey @Samarth_Mehta !

We don’t have a native Inbox functionality that auto closes an ongoing live chat after fixed time period. We will only be able to auto close an inactive chat.

That being said, we can still share our chat close API which you can call to close the live chat T+30 mins after it gets assigned to a live agent, provided you figure out the execution steps in the studio. Let me know if you’d interested in this workaround.

@Vikash_Kumar / @Aakanksha_Jain Can you suggest any way to achieve this in Cloud Studio? Would the “Delay node” be of help here?

Sure @Sandeep_Rajaram . The workaround looks good but might need some insights whether it is feasible in Studio.