How to build a visual IVR demo bot? Any demo use cases around it?

Hi team,
Has anyone worked on Visual IVR or has any use-case relevant to it?
A working demo or flow would work.
Can you share you thoughts about this?

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Hey @Siripurapu_Sai_Priya , Visual IVR flow pertain to guiding a customer on a Visual medium ( Like a phone application, Website etc) while they are interacting with a Voice bot on a telephonic conversation.

A typical use-case for this can be:

  • A customer calls into a business and the call is answered by a Voice Bot.
  • During the conversation, the customer wants to make a payment to the business.
  • To enable Payment, Voice Bot sends a payment link to the customer’s phone, while they are on the call.
    -The customer opens the received payment link and is navigated to a payment page on their phone’s browser.
  • The Voice Bot guides the customer on the steps required to complete the payment on their phone’s browser ( For example, Please enter the amount, Click on “Pay”, Enter your OTP etc).


  • For phone-based use-cases, customer’s internet connection should not be impacted by an ongoing Voice call.
  • Relevant events should be sent back from the Website/Application to the Yellow Voice bot to enable relevant action ( For example, if the customer clicks on “Pay Now” an event should be sent to the Bot to notify that the customer has executed an action. The Voice Bot will consume this event and take relevant next steps on the ongoing phone number conversation).
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