Sendevent API usage

Use case: Inbound Voice BOT. Call will be forwarded from Client’s IVR to Voice BOT. Inputs captured on the Client’s IVR e.g. Customer Mobile Number, Language etc needs to be passed to the BOT

Query: Can we achieve sending data to a BOT using sendevent API? is this API available on Cloud platform?

curl --location --request POST ‘
–header ‘authorization: a9c98442d495bfacbbaf9080d375’
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–data-raw ‘{
“sender”: “918003517685”,
“data”: {
// data to be received in event
“x1”: “1”,
“x2”: “2”

@Shailesh_Utekar Will check on the sendevent API with @Hemanth_Kishore once.
On a side note, why isn’t the client using our IVR solution for this use case?

@aagam_m Good question!!. Generally Client uses their IVR when partial use cases are automated and not all. So they take all the calls on their IVR and forward only few calls to voice BOT

Also, the Contact Centre platform here is Knowlarity. We proposed them 2 options which are usually used in our integrations with rest of the platforms like Genesys Ameyo etc…
a) SIP Call Transfer
b) Call transfer over PSTN and CLI transfer over DTMF

Both these methods are not feasible with Knowlarity. Hence the Rest API based approach is been discussed.

Hope this answers…

Thanks, Very well understood. Let’s wait for @Hemanth_Kishore to revert to the API usage.

@Hemanth_Kishore We have tested the API based approach for sending data from third party IVR to the Voice BOT. this is using sendevents API as below:

Is this approach OK to proceed or we need to go ahead with Webhook based approach. Please confirm

curl --location --request POST ‘
–header ‘x-api-key: JupdqOsTUmxz1k6AY9fx__XsdtmPUQuWOpN9zd5v’
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–data-raw ‘{
“sender”: “9296503435109575330289312327”,
“event”: “test_event”,
“data”: {
“KnowlaritySRNumber”: “+9163038140145”,
“KnowlarityCLI”: “+919819972486”,
“CustomerNumber”: “+919879076678”,
“Language”: “Eng”,
“DTMF”: 1,
“UniqueID”: “54234”

@aagam_m @Hemanth_Kishore please confirm the above ASAP. This is a critical blocker to proceed with delivery.

@Shubham_Raja @Shailesh_Utekar
For this please refer the comment - Log in with Atlassian account

Connect with relevant team and use the prescribed webhook method to achieve the use-case.