How to capture bot closed event in pwa?

Hi Team,

How to capture bot closed event on pwa app? If the user closes the whole app how to capture this and store data in a custom table. I’ve attached bot-closed event in the start trigger but it’s not working. Kindly help

Manthan V Rathod

Hey @Manthan_Rathod,

What is the use case here? What are you trying to achieve?

If you can explain this in detail, Maybe i can able to guide you further?

I am trying to capture the timestamp when the user while using the bot (pwa) simply closes the bot just like how we remove an app from memory.
So to achieve this, I’ve created a flow which has a start trigger of “bot-closed” event and when this event is fired, it will feed data into a custom table using database node.


Some of the Events have been deprecated recently. The “bot-opened” and “bot-closed” events might be among them.

Hence, I suggest, Instead of focusing on capturing the bot closed time stamp, Maybe you can focus on checking, which flow the user visits often and which flow the user visits very lesser (or) which flow the user is getting majorly dropped off etc? Because, This will create good User Experience.

We are already using the default metrics to study user journeys. What we were looking for was the timestamps. Any other way we can achieve the bot closed TS? Also I think “ym_home” was one of the event which was deprecated not sure about “bot-closed”. Maybe we can have some alternative to capture this?

Hey @Manthan_Rathod,

I am not able to think of any alternatives for this. You can try raising a support ticket maybe.

Our Support team will check this with the platform team and will get back to you, if any workarounds are available.

Sure. I’ve raised a ticket. If I come across any solution then will share here too, might be useful for other folks later. Thanks

Appreciate that. Thanks.