Trigger event on ticket timeout

Do we have an event when the ticket is timeout?
if the event is ticket-closed, can we get different event for ticket timeout?

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Hey @Hasan_Nabil ,
Can you share more details for me to help you better?
Are you using app.ym or Cloud Inbox?
Are you talking about Live chats or Email tickets?

Can you also explain the use case you are trying to solve?

this is for cloud bot live chats @Sandeep_Rajaram

Hey @Hasan_Nabil We do trigger an event called ticket-inactivity when the end-user is not responding to the agent’s reply for X period of time, defined in the inactivity settings.

Do check the bot logs or create a dummy journey with this ticket-inactivity as the event trigger. Let us know if you still have any concerns. Do explain the use case you are trying to solve for better resolution

I do have that already, but the usecase is to send a message to the users if the ticket is timeout

Hey @Hasan_Nabil ,
Have you already tried creating a journey with ticket-inactivity as the event trigger and sending a message? Is it still not working?
If that’s the case, can you create an internal JIRA ticket so that we fast-track this issue? Pls share all relevant details and attach screenshots of the settings page, journey, etc.,

yes I already have it, however the usecases are:

  1. if the users is inactive for 30 minutes, the bot will reply or ask user automatically. I did this using customer inactivity and catch the ticket-inactivity event.
  2. if the ticket is closed because it is timeout, the bot need to reply/inform to the users that the the conversation is closed because the ticket timeout

@Hasan_Nabil ,If a chat ticket is closed due to inactivity, we will add a key called comments with value AUTO_CLOSE_DUE_TO_INACTIVITY in the ticket data.

In every ticket-closed event, you will get all the details about that ticket. With ticket-closed as the journey trigger, you can store the event data in a variable, look for the comments key-value pair and then send out the custom message, if that ticket is found to be closed due to customer inactivity.


oh okay. will check and inform you
Thank you :blush: