Inbox chats to be masked / encrypted

The request here to encrypt the critical data like patient name and phone number in the inbox module.
How this can be done?

Hi Team,

Awaiting for the inputs, can somebody help.


Hey @Khusboo, can you tell us exactly where the encryption is required in inbox- custom fields or during chat with the agent?

You cannot encrypt information from the agent.
The bot conversations can be masked, refer to steps - Prompt Nodes |

Hi @Tara_S

  1. The custom fields
  2. Also the chat conversation - critical data

Thanks for the update @Architha_J

I referred to https://docs.yel and it is working for the question node but the user response is not being stored as “Sensitive info”
Conversation log - | Enterprise-grade Conversational AI Platform

@Tara_S @Architha_J

  1. How to mask custom fields?
  2. Also can you revert on the previous chat

@Khusboo For custom fields there is no way to mask the data as of now. Would like to understand this use case better. Why would they want to pass this data as a custom field if this is not meant to be shared with agents. Can you share the details please?

We are not enabling any custom fields. - was referring to the default fields available.
The use case is Name becomes a PII data and hence this info is not to be disclosed to the agent connected.

Thanks @Architha_J , the given solution has worked.