Issue viewing 'Unidentified Utterances'


I’m trying to access ‘Unidentified Utterances’ data in Yellow Messenger but it is either stuck at analyzing the data or not returning any content.

Can you please suggest how i can view ‘Unidentified Utterances’ data for reporting purposes?


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Hey Gagan,
If it’s taking time to process then you can download the data by clicking on download click beside Select Week menu. It’ll download the data in a CSV file which you can use to analyze locally.

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for the reply.
If I download the file there is no data. My question is how we can see data in ‘Unidentified Utterances’?
I intentionally asked bot questions which I did not have any journey/utterance and was expecting those questions to appear in ‘Unidentified Utterances’.


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Can you please try these utterances under Test Your Bot?

You can find Tools button on the top right corner of your screen, after that click on Test Your Bot from the top bar. Now you can add utterances under Test journey prediction model field.

You should see something like this. In the response, you need to look for the intent and confidence. If the confidence is above the threshold which is by default 0.85 (85%) that particular intent will get triggered. In my opinion, even your unidentified utterances are getting misclassified with high confidence, hence it’s not showing up in the Unidentified Utterances list.

I hope this helps, in case you want further help you can always reach out to me or schedule a call with me: Calendly - Pratik Parmar

Happy Bot Building! :robot: