Redireting from FB to WA

Hi Team,
The clients are running the FB campigain…

Use case:- If the user responds to fb campigain that should redirect to WA then we should show the Message along with 2 QR button mention below.
text:- “Do you want to connect with live agent”
QR button:- Yes and
we create the journey to send the message

return new Promise(resolve => {
    // Your logic goes here
    if (app.source == "whatsapp") {
            title: "Do you want to connect with live agent",
            options: [{
                title: "YES",
                text: "yes"
            }, {
                title: "NO",
                text: "no"

Also in the main function we used the call the event

if ( && && && === 'whatsapp-referral'){
        return app.triggerIntent("wa-redirect")

please help is this correct event and how we can move further.

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Hi @srinivascr1999

Seems like a question for engage so I’m moving it there.

Please refer to this post on how to direct and track users moving for FB Ads to Whatsapp

you can followup their for any queries