Live Translate feature in Inbox module

How do I access the change language option for as an agent in Inbox in the bot.
Fyi, also have entered the google translate APIs in the Inbox setting.

Hey @Umesh_A ,
Can you explain more about what you expect from the “change language option”?

Are you looking to change the default messaging language an agent uses for all chats in Inbox? OR Is this a scenario where the Inbox has auto-detected the wrong language for just one chat and the agent is looking to correct it?

Hey @Sandeep_Rajaram, yeah, that is correct. I’m looking to change the default messaging language as an agent. Essentially looking to enable this feature below:

Hey @Umesh_A , Can you help me understand the use case you are trying to solve? So that I can help you better. The default messaging language of agents is different from the part you’ve annotated in the image.

The default language of the agent determines whether a particular incoming user chat has to be auto-translated or not. This is set as English by default. So if the bot identifies & assigns any non-English chat [say Spanish] to the agent, it will be auto-translated to English.
This is where you can go and modify an agent’s default message language,

Inbox → Settings → Team → Agents → Click on agent’s profile → Default language

Now, if the incoming chat is auto-translated, the identified language will be displayed to the agent for reference in this manner;

On rare occasions, if the bot wrongly identifies the incoming language [say Spanish as Portuguese] and if the agent is also confident about the misidentification, using the language dropdown field they can manually change the language from Portuguese back to Spanish so they can properly chat with their user

Hope this provides some clarification

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