Chatbot header is being changed to customer support Agent's


We are using orchestration to connect bots, We are facing issue when a customer connects with the support

If Agent sends a message they are not being seen in the customer’s app, if they open and close the page then they can them but the header is being converted to Agent’s name.

Header is being taken over by Agents Name

The Primary concern is messages are not getting loaded until we reopen the page


So without reopening the web-widget, would the agent messages not load in?

Hi Gautham,

Yes without reopening the chat, The Agent messages are not visible to the customer.

Got it, this is a bug in the bot orchestration @Md_Sarfaraaz_Hussain

Please raise a support ticket and team will be able to assist you further in handling this issue.

Feel free to share this community post’s link as well as your parent botID for the support team to help you with this quicker