Not satisfied (Suggestion) button is not coming in Thyssenkrupp bot

We have trained on 25 epochs on single sentence encoder model + suggestions are on. Every time closest match is coming but not the “Suggestion button”, I am not satisfied. In other bots it is coming. I checked history of conversation (it was coming earlier).

CC - @Kaushik_Natarajan @Ruchita_Pradhan @Nisarg_Patel

@Sriram_Pingali can it be because of suggestions popping from DNLP ? Can you verify?

@Sriram_Pingali Please do check and let us know. It’s still not coming which is strange

CC - @Ruchita_Pradhan (BA) @Nisarg_Patel (Senior tech lead)

@Kshitiz_Gupta is the Fallback setting configured properly?

Yes please, it is configured properly

@Aakanksha_Jain the “Not satisfied” button is only not being shown, DNLP doesn’t interfere with this functionality. Through “Test your bot” all the expected journeys and confidences are coming properly only. So there is no DNLP problem. Can you follow up please?

@Aakanksha_Jain Should we raise a ticket for it?

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