Outbound Surveys on Whatsapp

How do we ask for a survey on Whatsapp for our users.
We want to make this an outbound activity where we’re reaching out to a few customers asking for their feedback.

Hi @Ojas_Maheshwary

You can build out a feedback flow end-to-end on Whatsapp using the Whatsapp List node and the Carousel cards.

Considering you’re building this out along with Outbound notifications

  • Create a template with a quick-reply button to trigger the survey.
  • Use the Whatsapp Template Manager from marketplace to handle these template responses at scale.
  • Set values like the template name and the button value of the template you’ve created
    Eg: Template name: Survey_template , button name: Share Response.
  • When a user clicks on Share Response

Once these are set up you’re ready to build out the flow.

What type of survey do you have in mind?