The chatbot is auto scrolling up after navigating to the different tab by clicking the URL from the chatbot

Hi Team,

The chatbot is auto scrolling up and when we clicked the link here (from first image) it will navigate with to the new page. But once we go back to the chatbot from the previous page, it will automatically scroll up. For Mobil123 and Carmudi. Please refer to the below screenshots for the reference.

Need suggestion to handle this issue.


cc @Hitesh @dedymulyadi @Mohamed_Ismail @Abdullah_Zuhud @Shanthen


This is a bug in how the widget handles the spacing and auto-scrolling as messages load in.
Please raise an internal ticket for the respective team to track this and provide a resolution.

There aren’t any sanity checks or workaround for this without disrupting the bot flow/messaging

Hi @Divs , can you enable always scroll the chat window to the bottom in settings.
Steps - Channel → Chat widget → Settings


Hi @Harshin_Balaji We have already enabled it but still the conversations are automatically getting scrolled up.

cc @Hitesh @dedymulyadi @Mohamed_Ismail @Shanthen @Abdullah_Zuhud

@Divs Please raise a ticket in that case. As @gautham suggested.

Hi @Harshin_Balaji We have raised Jira ticket for this issue.

@Hitesh @dedymulyadi @Mohamed_Ismail @Abdullah_Zuhud @Shanthen