UTM Tracking for Web & App Bots

If the Yellow’s chatbot is on a website. Client places advertisements with links to be redirected to web bot in multiple ad platforms like FB ad, IG ad etc. - need to capture the traffic from different ad platforms.So will it be able to track if the user is redirected to the website via a specific ad ?

Bumping this. This is our requirement as well

Hello, @Samarth_Mehta and @satyama027. For website bots, you can include the UTM parameters in the link so that you can track it in our platform.
Insights → Data Explorer → Message Events
For eg: https://cloud.yellow.ai/liveBot/#botid#?utm_source=test&utm_medium=parthi&utm_campaign=utmtest

I hope this will help

is it possible to track the Source UTM in case of website bot ?
For example : If someone gets redirected from lets say a Google Ad, FB ads, Instagram Ads etc. and user lands on the homepage of website where Yellow’s bot is deployed. Will it be possible for us to track the redirection source by UTM method ?

@Samarth_Mehta we can track if user lands on the bot. Not on website.