When user raised a ticket and is connected with live chat agent the user can still navigate to other flows

Hi we’re using Genesys Live Chat and Raise ticket node to connect our user with our customer service agent. We encountered a bug where the user can go to other flows while connected to a live agent.

The user also received a message that the chat with the representative has ended but the user is still receiving message from the agent.

Hi @joseiii.miranda1, thanks for reaching out. We will have a look into this.

Hi @joseiii.miranda1

Can you please share the date and time when this issue occured, genesys chatId, and the yellow’s user transcript link to study the whole conversation of the user with bot of which you added the screenshot above.

Thank you

Hi Bhaskar,

Bot ID is: x1645513581292
Chat ID is: 400401138653379663170206709

Hi @joseiii.miranda1, can you also share the date and time of the occurrence of this bug?

Also, can you share the correct chat transcript URL? You will find a attach button on the same inbox screen next to the conversation. The same needs to be copied and shared here.


there you’ll see that the chat is disconnected but the user is still receiving chat from the agent

Hello @Mahesh and @Bhaskar_Karanam,

As i can see the YM transcript link in cloud is getting refreshed and so we are unable to check the transcript of yesterday’s date.

Below are the Interaction id for same -

Additionally, I have noticed that whenever agents and user gets connected and by chance user has left from the app or chatbot then one message is occuring into chatbot screen “Your chat has ended with the representative” “Return to Main Menu” but when we checked agent and user are still active on chats.

So basically, the above highlighted message should come when user left the app or chat at any point of time.

For more clarity, please call me at 7066014331.

Hi @anita.rana82376 @joseiii.miranda1

Thanks for the infromation,
Can you check if there are any events in event-hub that are activated and not being used anywhere in the bot flows.

Hi @joseiii.miranda1 ,

Please check this information and confirm us on the same.

These are the default event, I noticed that bot-closed is on active status. We didn’t touch any of the default events nor handled those in our flow. Do you think this event caused the issue?

Hi @joseiii.miranda1

If you are not handling/using any of the activated events, Please deactivate it and check if the issue raised by you is still happening.

Hi @Bhaskar_Karanam I turned off all events and we will let you know if the issue still exists

Hi @joseiii.miranda1

After turning off the events, any instances of issue happening again.?