Can we redirect customer to concern LIVE AGENT person?

Client is using custom live agent integration, can we redirect the user to specific agent?

@Srinivas, thanks for reaching out. As of today, this feature is not available in custom live agent. Please raise a feature request for the same under the Application Integrations category.

Thanks @Mahesh

Do we have any workaround, using ticketGroupId?
As i can see in ticket create API we can pass ticketGroupId (If we want the ticket to get assigned to a
particular group of agents, then we need to add this.)

Like can i ask customers to create each agent under a separate group, to assign the ticket to a specific agent.

If the client is okay with that, you can use it that way.

Hi @Mahesh in case of custom live agent can we get chat transcript for user and agent conversation?

User and agent conversation?

You will get the chat transcript of the user and bot conversation that happened before connecting to the agent

In our inbox module, there is a option of copying chat transcript in active chats as well as resolved chats.

Similary do we get chat transcript under resolved chats after ticket is closed while using custom live agent integration?

If you want to send the whole chat transcript after receiving the ticket-closed event, then you can use the system variable that is available.

All the conversations are present in Bot Messages section, you can copy the transcript link from there as well.