Blocking multiple chats

How can we achieve below use case

Users should not be able to start chats with multiple agents at the same time - whether it is by opening multiple browsers, incognito browser or using both web and mobile app

Hey @Sangeetha_R the user must get connected with the agent. Once check the inbox settings.

Hey @Sangeetha_R We don’t have a default way to restrict this behavior for the web widget channel. In channels like WhatsApp, Facebook etc., users even now, can only create 1 ticket at a time.

Can you explain in detail the channels being used and the use case?

Hi @Sandeep_Rajaram , The ask is for PWA only.
Yes , for Whatsapp, we are aware that user can raise one ticket at a time.
Use case:
As an user, i should not be able to connect with multiple agents at a time by opening the website in multiple windows or through mobile website.
If you see in below screenshots, i am already interacting with an agent. At the same time i was able to raise another ticket in another window with same login credentials

@Sangeetha_R Unfortunately we don’t have any default solution for this.

Can you try using the Database or the chat APIs to check if the incoming customer already has an active chat or not before completing the live agent journey?

Sure. Let me check on what you suggested

@Sandeep_Rajaram What is the API you are referring to? Pls share the API name or the curl