Inbox Sticky agents

If there is a flow to get in touch with a live agent and the users have the option to choose from the agents who are online and then chat gets assigned to that specific agent ? Is it possible to fetch the list of online agents and also make the sticky agent functionality work so that it is assigned to the specific agent whom the user chooses ?

Technically Yes @Samarth_Mehta

We don’t support this use case out of the box i.e ability to see the available agent names & then connecting with them. But as you mentioned, if you can fetch the available agents through the API & then use sticky agent for raising chats, users would be able to connect to agents of their choice

Just to understand this better, can you help explain the use case & context in general?

Here when we say APIs does that mean Customer’s API or our Yellow’s Inbox API ? I am trying to understand how will that list of agents who are online be updated or pushed via APIs ?

The usecase is here that there is a mental health counselling bot where the users come and provide their basic contact info and then explain their mental health and do a payment for the counselling session. After successful payment they will be shown a list of online agents (mental health counselor) and then whichever agent they choose will be connected to them.

I am referring to Yellow’s Inbox APIs to fetch the available agents