Bot accuracy based on language

Can we achieve this - language specific versions of the statistics on the main overview page. E.g. I assume the bot accuracy score on the overview page is an overall score for all languages - I would like to be able to see the usage and accuracy numbers for other locales. How can I set up a report that will allow me to see this information?

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@Srinivas You can build this out as a custom report using Data Explorer.

  1. Since bot accuracy is based on unidentified-utterances, you can filter for that Event in the User engagement events table. And then summarise by count → group by Language to see count for each language.
  2. The above number needs to be compared with the total user messages which you can get from Message events table by filtering for MessageType = user and then doing summarise by count → group by Language to see the split.

Hi @Sanskrity

Thanks for the info, i have tried the above points but when i group by lang the value is coming as empty.

Language is not being captured here at all, I see.

Hi @Sanskrity

How can we capture this?

Will the system by default captures it or via any system or user properties variable?

@Srinivas This depends on the default languages set up from Studio for the bot. Could you please check that?

@Sanskrity languages are configured

@Srinivas Looks like the languages are not getting pushed correctly. Could you please raise a ticket for this? We’ll look into it.

Raised an internal ticket