Is there any way we can create live agent ticket depend on the specific mail id /user name of the agent?

Use case requirement : We have a use case where the customer wants to connect with a specific agent on the Live chat connection. But as per our requirement we want the customer to select the agent from a drop-down list or by entering the name of the agent in the chat before triggering the live agent connection. How do we achieve this?

We can create a group and assign one agent to on group this is not feasible for larger agents case

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You can checkout Sticky Agent to create a ticket for a specific agent: Sticky agent - live chat assignment |

Not sure how to show available agents only to the user.

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Hey @gautham @Sai_Kumar_Singaram We can get agent availability details using this api

curl --location '<BOT ID>' \
--header 'x-api-key: <API KEY>'

I hope this will work.


Thanks @Parthiban_J and @gautham

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Can you tell me where do we get the API key and the UUID?

Hey, @Nikhitha
API key, which can be obtained via Access Control → API key → Generate a new API key → Provide an API name and user role.

UID is the sender that you can get from system variables.

I hope this will work.

Hi ,

Based on this API curl --location ‘
–header ‘x-api-key: ’

What is the format to get the list of all the available agents(whose is actually available in inbox).
Which parameter are we supposed to check based on the availability since we don’t need the names of agents who are not available. I tried with the below format, it didn’t work.

Hey @Nikhitha , currently you cannot fetch the agents under available status alone. You will get results of all the agents with their respective status under inbox.

Can you help us understand what are you looking for? What is the use case you are trying to solve?