How to build proactive reminders

We are building few use cases in which bot needs to send proactive reminders e.g. Passport expiry reminder, Sending Birthday wishes reminder etc.

I would like to know :-

  1. How bot can trigger proactive reminders on chatbot itself and how user can continue his journey on it. E.g. Bot reminds to employee that your passport is expiring → User clicks on update → User enters new passport details
  2. How can bot send proactive birthday cards. e.g. Bot Reminds to HR that today is Amit’s Birthday do you want to send him ‘this card’ → HR says yes → Card is sent to employee.

Hey @Pranav,

Proactive reminders are nothing but Bot initiated messages to users. The messages may have different options based on the use case and business need.

This is achievable however it also depends on the channel on which the bot is deployed and if that channel supports the same.

For example, if it’s a web bot the messages can be received by the user only if the user is actually on the website but if it’s a WhatsApp or email bot a user can always receive the messages.

in the we can have a function written for these business conditions and the same can be scheduled to run at any given point in time.

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