How to check most triggered intents

I’m looking for some data about which of our intents get triggered the most. Is that something available within the system? If so, where should I look for it?

@Srinivas You can find the most triggered flows (same as intents) in Insights → Overview page → Tope flows visited widget.

It’s not the same as seeing which flows are used most, because we direct users to specific flows via different start points and in-flow buttons. So our most viewed flows are the ones we promote / open by default inside our app using triggerJourney. What I’d like to know is which are our most triggered intents.

@Srinivas Intent specific analytics is not available within Insights.

@Sanskrity is there any other way to get this info?

@Aakanksha_Jain Any suggestions here? ^

Hi @Aakanksha_Jain any suggestions on this?

Hey @Srinivas,

We might have a workaround for this.

On each of the flow where you have attached the intent, After the start node, you have to run a function.

In the function, you can make use of data.prediction.intents. This intents object will be empty, if the flow is getting triggered from a Execute Flow Node.

If the flow is getting triggered from a high confidence utterance, then this intents object will have the journey/flow name along with its confidence. (You can have an additional condition to check whether this confidence is more than the minimum confidence, which you have configured on the bot.)

If it has high confidence, you can insert the flow name and its confidence level to a custom DB Table and then proceed with the bot flow.

If it has no confidence or lesser confidence, you can directly proceed to the bot flow, without inserting anything into the custom DB Table.

Finally you can create a custom analytics on this custom DB Table which you have created, to check which flow got triggered and how many times it got triggered.


  1. Context Management utterances may not work here (Because I think, the context management utterances will come under a key called “global_model” and this currently cannot be captured in data.prediction.intents.

    You can try raising a jira ticket to the platform team on asking them to add this “global_model” key in data.prediction object, which can be accessed through a function)

  2. If you want to do the same for FAQs, then each FAQ should have a separate flow. Because in the flow only, We will be able to run a function, Do a DB Insertion etc.