Login from Journey

I would like to add or implement a Login form in the journeys , however the yellow.ai platform doesn’t have any feature to configure this.Is there any way to acheive this? or Can this feature be expected in feature release

Attaching sample login form that I want to add in journeys.
login form 1

Appreciate your inputs on this!


you can directly authenticate a user from the chat widget script (for mobile sdks and web widget)

We don’t have an out of the box “login” because this isn’t very conversational.

Can you expand on what details a user would have to fill while logging in and what data you wish to use once they are logged in? Where does this data sit (a CDP or a Backend Table?)

Can you provide the details on how to add them in script.
We would like ask user to enter username and password , for fetching bank details.
This inputs will be verified with DB values.

However, is this login mechanism will be functional in other channels like whatsapp are there any limitations?