Need to download all the pdf under knowledge base

Is there any way to download all the pdf under the knowledge base in one go, as it is difficult to download manually 290 pdf . Please help if any alternative to download all the docs.

@Shilpa_Shree Please raise this question under the right category for the respective product owners to get notified
Knowledge base is under Inbox, I’m moving it to the respective board

Hey @Shilpa_Shree ,
Are you talking about the Knowledge base under Inbox or the Documents that you upload for document cognition under Studio module? Wanted to clarify this first.

If you are indeed referring to the Knowledge base and its articles under Inbox, can you help me understand why you would want to download them?

@Sandeep_Rajaram It is a App bot - we have uploaded 290 PDFs on Knowledge base App version, client wants us to share all the Pdf as there are 290 pdf, want to know whether we can download all the PDFs in one go

@Shilpa_Shree This is not Inbox’s Knowledge Base. Pls reach out to the Studio/Doc cog team