Tags in Knowledgebase

Hello there,
I’m curious about your thoughts or insight how to manage article tags in Inbox → Knowledgebase part?
Is there any place in platform where you can see all tags that were created? Can you manage them in one place?

Hey @Oli ,
We don’t have a provision to see all the KB article tags and manage them in one place, as of now.
However, this is already in our product pipeline. We will be working on it and releasing it in the upcoming months. Will share a solid timeline soon.

It would be really helpful for us to understand and prioritize if you can share your current problems with us. Pls, explain more about how you intend to “manage article tags”. How are you currently using these article tags? What is your typical article creation/managing workflow? Can you give us one example of how you’d manage your articles if it was possible to see all the tags created, in one place now?