Nudge implementation

Anyone worked on nudge implementation in app platform?
-----Nudge to be triggered After 10 mins of no response -----

Just checking, not to rush. Are we connected? To Continue click below:
there will be a quick reply of 3 buttons

//Continue will trigger the last communication again

//Main Menu will trigger Main Menu

// Exit will close the earlier transaction

-----After further 10 Mins of no response —

Looks like you are otherwise occupied. If you require assistance, you can always connect with me.

//The above message will close the earlier transaction. No CTA expected from the customer

Use delayed message even in prompts

app.delayedMessage({ "delayedmessage": true, "sentTime": new Date() }, "", five_min_timer)

After the time , an event will be generated in main, where you can configure any message.

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