How can we stop triggering an user inactivity event, if a journey completed?

I have setup User Inactivity Event, which is working fine. If user is idle for 5 mins, it will trigger and display the given message.

Also, when user types “Bye”, displayed end of conversation message by thanking customer to avail the services.

If user is idle, then user inactivity event is triggering as expected, which is fine
Now, if user types “Bye” and conversation is end. In this case the user inactivity event should not triggered.

If a journey start, then user inactivity event is to be enabled/start,
if a journey ends, then we need to disable/stop the user inactivity event

Is this possible? if so, how?

We only consider a user is inactive when a prompt node is shown to them (when an input is asked from the user).

Regular Text/Message nodes will not trigger the user inactivity. So if a user types Bye, are you triggering any prompt node? What is the rest of the flow in this case

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We have added only Text node to display bye message. But still the user inactivity event triggered.

See the inactive message displayed in WhatsApp after 5 mins.

Kindly do the needful

Hi @senthil.vasan

Please share bot access to


@gautham share BOT access to you (
please check it out.

@gautham have you checked the BOT? any update on the issue? why user inactivity event is triggering for Text node?

This is a very long flow that is hard to track at a node level. Can you share a conversation log URL and I can recreate those exact steps to test out the event.


@gautham please find the conversation url

Am available to connect and explain the issue. let me know if we can connect.

Got it, will get back to you on this.

We did a workaround.

  • In the “User Inactivity Event” we configured to trigger after 5 mins without any message
  • Created a journey with which will be triggered when this user inactivity event triggered.
  • When user types “Bye”, we updated variable to mark the customer type it.
  • Then we used condition to check whether customer types “Bye” or not. If “Bye typed, then the idle message not displayed to user. If not, idle message will be sent to customer.
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Additionally, we’re fixing the way inactivity behaves such that only prompts have an inactivity triggered.

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