Triggering a Transactional message (via Notification API) with ongoing live chat on a 3rd party platform

If a live agent interaction is happening via a 3rd party live chat like Zendesk, Service now etc. and during the ongoing live chat we want to trigger a transactional message like a payment link etc. Is it possible or the live chat needs to end first and based on that as a trigger only we can send transactional message?

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If that respective 3rd part tool allows the agent to perform backend actions like Selecting a template and hitting an API

then you can add our Whatsapp Notification API to that tool and build out this micro-app for the agent to perform the above mentioned actions.

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@Samarth_Mehta open question would become how does the 3rd party tool load up the templates that belong to that WhatsApp account.

We don’t provide any APIs to perform this at the moment