Order of BOT journey changes

Adding delay to the next to load the image is not a correct solution. BOT should be executed in the flow specific manner. Is there any specific reason for this?

Whatsapp messages arrive on the basis of the internet connectivity and the time of message being sent. So this happens that the order of messages often get crossed.

So the message that is small and requires less internet speed gets posted first and the one with more bandwidth arrives later. And this happens when you have audio, video or the image files posted. Some of the time the message also get filtered based on files names.

The order of message processing and the messages being received is decided by the whatsapp server that sends it. They don’t have the storage so the temporary message storage is cleared as the messages are processed. So this sort of issues appear with the WhatsApp or even with Telegram.

So its not in the control of the bot to decide the order. All you can do is add some timeouts to send the messages late.

Thanks !. What about the delay happening on Web BOTs?

In Web bot we generally don’t find alteration of messages.
If you add a delay, the next message will be delayed on the same basis.

@Subhrajit_Gupta We are facing alteration in WebBot as well. Kindly find the below two snippets where without adding a delay, I am getting both proper one and altered one. How will we add delay if it is uncertain?

Not in order:

Expected order:

Video takes time to render. Please apply delay in this case.
You have to make that judgment on your own.