Salesforce live agent integration on app using cloud UI

Hi Team,

We integrated duroflex bot with sales force live integration. On trying to connect with agent, i am getting the ticket data as empty.


I am using the below function to raise a ticket. However am getting the ticketData as empty.
What could be the issue here?

                 issue: "Test Issue",
                 contact: {
                     phone: "9876543210",
                     name: "Raj",
                     email: ""
                   salesforceLiveChatCustomFields: [],
                   salesforceLiveChatCustomEntities: [],
                   salesforceLiveChatAgentId: "",
                   salesforceLiveChatAgentAssignedMessage: "",
                   salesforceLiveChatVisitorLanguage: "English",
                   salesforceLiveChatQueuePositionMessage: "",
                   salesforceLiveChatUpdatedQueuePositionMessage: "",
                   salesforceLiveChatAgentTransferredMessage: "",
                   salesforceLiveChatEstimatedWaitTimeMessage: "",
                   salesforceLiveChatDisplayAgentName: true,
                  salesforceLiveChatIdleTimeWarningMessage: “”,
                  salesforceLiveChatIdleTimeTimeoutMessage: “”,
                  salesforceLiveChatConnectionFailureMessage: “”,
                  salesforceLiveChatAgentDisconnectMessage: “”,
                  salesforceLiveChatAgentTimeoutMessage: “”
       }).then((ticketData) => {
           app.log(ticketData, "ticketData");
           // Display appropriate message based on the ticketData
       }).catch((error) => {
           app.log(error, 'error');
           //Error handler

What is the botId? I hope you are triggering the correct flow? Have you also configured salesforce in the app UI as well?

Bot Id- x1620653299689
Yes i am triggering the correct flow.
Also, I have configured salesforce in the app UI as well

That is the issue basically that you have configured in the app UI as well. Your bot image needs to be updated. Post that it should start working. I will update you once that is done.

Is this a sandbox bot or staging bot, please tell me that well. Please provide the sandbox, staging and production botIds as well.

this is sandbox environment.

Staging - x1623830020679
Production - x1625132983631

You can check your sandbox bot now. Please don’t repeat this thing in your staging and production bot Ids .

Hi Mahesh,

I have checked the sandbox environment. still im getting the ticketData as empty.

Do we need to configure any webhook for this?

No webhook is not required. Will check this.

Hi Mahesh,

Any update?
Do i have to raise a ticket for this?